We are working around the clock to bring you PADEL!!!   Yes, just imagine… we have a great Summer planned for you, playing Padel and meeting lots of fun people.  Send us you comments, any suggestions, we want to hear from you!

Those that have played padel already know what we are talking about and how much fun this game is.

This is the fastest growing sport in the World!

Those that have never played padel, you will find out very quickly what this craze is all about, and you’ll be hooked from the first day.  Padel is a lot easier to learn than tennis, you will be playing in no time and having a blast!

This club will be completely non profit.  We are not a big corporation wanting to cash in on the people of Vancouver.  We just want everyone in Vancouver to play padel!  We are avid padel players that, just like anyone who’s every played padel, we LOVE TO PLAY PADEL!.. and our goal is to teach all those that are new to the game, people of every age and ability, and develop our youth by getting them involved at an early age and providing the the necessary tools they require in order to learn all aspects of the game.

We have a very challenging road ahead of us in order to make this dream come true.  You can help right now.  We need to know how many people are interested in playing padel.  If you are very interested, or even if we’ve just raised your curiosity, please send us an email, let us know who you are, and tell your friends.

We’ll see you on the padel court!


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  1. Hello!!! I’m Pedro, I’m Brazilian and I’m doing exchange in Vancouver. in my city I play paddle regularly because I compete competitions and I like the sport a lot. I would like to know where I can practice in Vancouver and if I can borrow a racket to play. my whatsapp is 55 55991910805

    1. Hello Pedro, no padel in Vancouver at the moment, maybe in three of four months, we are trying to get a location. During weekends, if no rain, we go to Stanley Park and play at the tennis courts, I am usually playing in the practice wall area.
      I’ll add you to our list and keep you posted.

    1. Hello Matt: we have some projects that we are working on this Winter and some potential investors. As soon as we have any news we’ll let you know.

    1. Hola Fernando:
      When is hopefully soon. Where is nowhere at the moment, but we have some irons in the fire, hopefully we can get something going next Summer.
      We’ll let you know.

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