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Vancouver PADEL Club, play Padel in Canada

PADEL is coming to Vancouver!

VPC is currently looking to help potential investors build the first Padel courts in the City of Vancouver.

If you’ve played Padel before, then your are in the right place. If you haven’t, don’t worry, we’ll show you how, even give you some free lessons to get you started. This fun sport is easy to learn and you’ll be on your way in no time.  Tennis players and squash players are already Padel experts, so come and join VPC!

A Plethora of Social Events!

Life at the Vancouver PADEL Club will never be boring!  We have planned many social events.  We’ll hold weekly barbecues, parties, round robins.  For those that like competition, we will have lots of tournaments for every skill level.

VPC Affordable Memberships

Oh, another thing, it will be very affordable to join VPC. For a ridiculous low membership fee, you’ll be playing padel all Summer. We are working hard to get any kind of City funding to help us develop the new club.

You want to play PADEL?

Send us and email, we’ll put you on the list and we’ll keep you posted.

JOIN THE BELVEDERE CLUB – Greater Vancouver first Padel facility.
Play starts September 2023. Send us and email

Vancouver Padel Club is afiliated with:

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Vancouver… amazing weather, the mountains, the beach… and PADEL!