The History of PADEL

History of PADEL in Canada

Photo:  Enrique Corcuera – Founder of Padel – First Padel Court- 1969

In the late 1970’s, the game was introduced into Argentina as a game for the elite.  However, by the early 1980’s, several public courts were built on a popular Argentine beach resort allowing the general public to access the game.

In the mid 1980’s, many more public courts were built in Buenos Aires; and since then, the sport has grown at a tremendous pace.

Over 25 million players worldwide

Currently, over 25 million participants play the sport in 50 countries.  Padel is growing internationally and is organized under the International Padel Federation.


The sport of Padel in Canada had its beginnings in Calgary, Alberta. Padel was introduced to Canada by Bill Stamile in 1992 at which time he founded the National Padel Association as well as teaming up to build the first court with his brother Angelo. Bill is a certified Padel instructor and has been instrumental in teaching and training thousands of player over the years. On a world scene Bill is a senior VP on the board of the International Padel Federation and shares his deep knowledge and expertise in Padel to help grow and promote the sport locally, nationally and internationally.

Bill Stamile

1991- Padel was first introduced to Canada in the Calgary area by Bill Stamile after he discovered the sport while visiting his native country of Argentina.

1992- Bill Stamile formed a non-profit Canadian Registered Amateur Athletic Association as the governing body for the sport of Padel in Canada with the primary mission to grow and promote the sport.

1992- Bill and his brother Angelo built the first temporary court in Canada in late 1992 where Padel got its start.

1993- Due to the early success and following Bill and Angelo spearheaded the building the first two permanent Padel courts at a local fitness and racquet club.

1994- Bill trained and coached the first Canadian National Padel team that took part in the 1994 world padel championships in Argentina. Since then he has been fully involved in representing Canada at another 16 world junior and adult events as well as many other sanctioned tournaments.

2008- Bill and his team hosted the world padel championships in Calgary with the full support of his membership and local volunteers. It was a very successful event attended by 16 countries involving over 220 athletes plus another 100 coaches and support staff. The Canadian Ladies team coached by Andres Stamile had its best finish ever placing a very respectable 5th in the world.

2009- Canada has its greatest showing in the world stage when our junior boys team ended an unbelievable 3rd in the world behind powerhouses, Argentina and Spain. Andres Stamile coached and played in what perhaps will be a feat that may never be reached again.

Andres Stamile

2010 to 2014- Canada continued to participate in a select few world events with diminishing results.

2013- The Calgary Padel Club was founded with its main objective of re-energizing our sport by growing and promoting Padel from grassroots juniors and youth and getting more young people involved in Padel.

2016- Canada was eliminated from the main World Championship pool and for the first time since inception it did not qualify to take part in the World Championships.

2017- The Calgary Padel Club (CPC) began its full season of Padel at the Glenbrook Community in west Calgary featuring 2 outdoor padel courts, office, clubhouse and food and beverage services. The CPC hosts the Padel Academy Canada with the most experienced and accomplished Padel teaching pro’s in Canada. The CPC offers a full range of programming through a series of clinics, orientations, tournaments and special events for its members and public at large with the full support of the local community.

2018 – Will be the year of the new VANCOUVER PADEL CLUB (VPC)