What is PADEL?

Ok, so if you are here, then it means that not only you have never played PADEL, but also that you have no idea of what PADEL is!!!

Well, great!!

We love introducing new people to this amazing game and we KNOW that you will love the sport.

No matter if you have any racquet sport experience, or if you don’t play racquet sports because you have no coordination.  You CAN play Padel!!!  We will do anything we can to get you started playing, you will be up and running very fast, much faster than if you were trying to learn tennis, for example.

The padel court is surrounded by walls.  The game is very similar to tennis doubles, as long as you don’t consider the walls. The nice bonus is that you get a second chance to retrieve a shot as it will come back from the wall.  This makes rallies much longer than in tennis.  The points become very intensive and that’s what makes it a lot of fun.  It takes some getting used to the walls, and here is where squash players have a big advantage.

In any event, it all translates in a real fun time that you will have at the Vancouver PADEL Club.